Benefits of Online Maths Tutoring

Portrait of a student learning on line with headphones and laptop taking notes in a notebook sitting at her desk at home

Online maths tutoring is one of the most popular options for students looking to improve their skills. Whether it’s boosting an SAT score to gain entrance into top universities or sharpening their algebra and geometry skills to boost their GPA, strong maths skills are essential for future success in life.

With a tutor, students can learn how to solve problems that are beyond the scope of what is taught in school and they can develop a better understanding of concepts that are difficult for them to grasp. Online tutoring offers the best of both worlds, combining the expertise and one-on-one time of a professor with the convenience and accessibility of online resources.

While some tutoring companies put their students through reams of worksheets, making the experience feel like more school than help, others, such as Thinkster, give students access to video tutorials that support them as they complete assignments. These videos provide guidance on how to use the strategies that are being taught, which helps students feel confident and successful in their learning experiences.

Another important feature of online maths tutoring is the ability for students to take notes in a digital notebook that is easy for their tutor to read. This is much different than in-person private tutoring, where students tend to bring a physical notebook and pen to the lesson. Having digital tools can also make it easier for students to review their work after the session is over. online maths tutoring


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