Top 5 Baby Girl Names


Your baby girl’s name will follow her from childhood to adulthood, so you’ll want something that’s beautiful and memorable. You’ll also want to avoid a name that’s too popular.

Violet peaked in popularity during the run of the tween sitcom “Hannah Montana.” But the name is making a comeback as the 89th most popular baby girl’s name in 2021.

1. Aigyptos

A lilting name with an exotic feel. Aigyptos is a unique and sonorous name for your baby girl. It is derived from the Egyptian Hwt-ka-Ptah (Home of the soul [ka] of Ptah) which was translated into Late Greek as Hikuptah.

If your little lioness is all about being a leader, this could be the perfect name for her. A girl with this name will be able to hold her own and lead others with confidence. It is also the Greek word for moon. So she will always be reminded of her beauty.

2. One Part

One-syllable names are growing in popularity and make a great choice for any baby girl. Pam is a classic name that appeared in the sixteenth century, and it means all sweetness. Or you could choose a cute double barrel name like Lily-Rose or Naomi-Zoe, which have the meaning of both love and life.

Another great option is Anne, which has multiple namesakes and is a popular and timeless choice. You can also go with a shorter moniker, such as Jo, which has a namesake in Little Women and is a good choice for any girl.

3. Sierra

The name Sierra is a beautiful and unique one that will have you envisioning your little girl hiking up the mountainside or exploring nature. It has a lot of meaning and symbolism attached to it and will surely make your daughter feel special.

It gained popularity in the 1970s and climbed to the top 100 in the 1990s. It’s been less popular since then but still a unique and outdoorsy name that exudes a sense of grandeur.

Sierra is a name that means mountain range and it’s also the name of the famous actress Sierra Boggess and character on the TV series Dollhouse.

4. Clear

Welcoming a new girl into your family is an exciting event. To celebrate, why not welcome her with a name that reflects her purity?

Names that mean pure have a timeless charm, exuding grace and simplicity. From a name of the country to names inspired by nature and even a namesake from a hero, there are many lovable options for a baby girl. Here are some ideas to get you started:

5. Dakota

Dakota is a gender-neutral name that can be used for girls and boys. It means “allies” or “friends” in the Yankton-Yanktonai and Santee dialects of the Lakota Sioux language. It’s also the name of two Midwestern states in the United States: North Dakota and South Dakota.

The name is one of the first trendy names from the nineties that became popular for both boys and girls. Its popularity may have been boosted by young actress Dakota Fanning and Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter. It has since fallen slightly in popularity, but it’s still a strong choice for both boys and girls.

6. Dalia

Named after the flower Dahlia, which was named after Swedish botanist Anders Dahl and is also the national flower of Mexico. It has both Arabic (dly) and Hebrew (dalyah) meanings, both of which mean “gentle branch.”

Dalia is the goddess of fate in Lithuanian mythology. She is known as a giver and taker of material goods and property and is represented by wreaths, dogs, ducks, and swans. She can appear as a woman or a lamb and her favored plant is the lime tree. (2).

7. Deepali

Deepali is a beautiful and popular Hindu name for newborn baby Girls. It means Deep; Collection of Lamps. Its Origin is Hindi and its Lucky number is 7.

People with the name Deepali are stimulating individuals. They enliven social gatherings with their original ideas and fresh wit.

Skeptical by nature, they question statements and opinions, and are quick to think of arguments against them. They are spiritual people who care about others and the environment. They are also very generous with their time and resources. They are also very self-sufficient.

8. Demi

Demi is a trendy baby girl name that suggests success and style. It is also a diminutive of Demeter, the Greek goddess of corn and harvest. The story of Demeter is a bit complicated but basically her daughter Persephone was kidnapped by Hades.

Actress Demi Moore is one popular person with the name. Other famous Demi’s include singer and actress Demi Lovato. This name is a short form of Demetria, and it was ranked #395 in 2018. It is pronounced deh-MIY-ee. Other spellings include Demie, Deedee, and Demmy.

9. Amor

A sweet and cherished name for your little lovebird. It comes from the ancient Egyptian goddess of love, beauty, joy, music, and motherhood.

Person with this name have a brimming ambition in life and they love to spend their leisure time through drawing, singing etc. They are also true family persons and they love to help anyone without expecting anything in return.

Another beautiful alternative is Megumi, a Japanese name meaning love. Or you could opt for a softer, sweeter variation like Kerensa, or a more exotic name such as Venus or Yaretzi.

10. Archis

The name Archis is quite a beautiful one. It is unique and rare. The name is also very meaningful. It means of one part or precious meaning that your daughter is a treasure and she would be the most important thing in your life.

People with this name have a strong personality and are independent by nature. They are good leaders with a good heart and help others without expecting anything in return.

They are creative and freethinkers with a tendency to be impulsive at times. They are self-determined and ambitious. They also have a strong sense of responsibility and dedication.


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