Add a Bold Accent to Your Wardrobe With Coin Necklaces


Add a bold accent to your wardrobe with coin pendant necklaces. These detailed charms can transform your favorite bangle into a bracelet of gold coins or become the focal point of a chain.

Select a coin that holds sentimental value or represents something unique about your heritage. Then find a pendant or bezel that comfortably fits the coin.

Ancient Coin Necklace

Ancient Coin necklaces have become something of a trend in modern fashion, with countless jewelry websites and Etsy shops featuring ancient coins set in necklaces, earrings, and rings. While some of these ancient coin charms are authentic, most are not, and it’s important to know what you are purchasing if you want to avoid the risk of buying a fake.

In ancient times, it was common for people to travel and explore the world, and as they did, they collected coins from the places they visited. These coin artefacts would often be engraved and then set into jewellery. The practice of wearing a coin as a pendant or ring dates back thousands of years, and it was especially popular in the renaissance period.

Coins revolutionized trade by providing easy-to-transport uniform collateral for buyers and sellers alike, and as a result, they often carried cultural meaning for people as well as their monetary value. As a result, coins could be minted with differing designs and adornments to commemorate local arts and culture as well as their royal and imperial leaders.

Whether you are searching for an ancient coin necklace to honor your heritage or just want to add an element of history to your everyday look, our collection features many options that will be perfect for you. From a vintage style to an oxidized sterling silver, our coin necklaces are sure to impress.

Dani is a freelance writer and archaeologist with multiple degrees in Classical Archaeology, with specializations in religion in the Roman Northwest and materiality. She has a deep passion for the study of the ancient world and its impact on modern society, and writes about these topics as much as she can in her spare time.

The design of this unique pendant was inspired by a coin found in archaeological excavations in Italy, dating to the 4th century CE. It’s made from oxidized sterling silver and hangs on a wheat chain. One side of the coin depicts an emperor’s face and the other shows the emperor’s name. It is an ideal gift for the historical adventurer in your life.

Textured Coin Necklace

Our textured coin necklace is the perfect accessory to add to your boho-chic wardrobe. The necklace features a single, hand-textured gold coin attached with a ring to the end of a delicate chain. It looks great layered with shorter pieces, or by itself as a statement piece. Crafted by artisan jewelry makers in Israel, this necklace is the perfect accessory for everyday wear.

Inspired by her Brazilian heritage fused with Californian lifestyle, Los Angeles-based designer Marcia Moran is known for her eye-catching semi-precious stone and precious plated jewelry designs. She has a knack for combining contemporary fashion with classic elegance, which is evident in her collection of necklaces featuring coins and cuffs.

The Geometric and Modern octagon shape gemstone and textured coin necklace is delicately suspended from a 14K gold filled 18″ chain. Choose from mother of pearl, pyrite or blue sapphire. The octagon shape is said to embrace and emit healing properties.

This octagonal shaped multi-coin necklace is the perfect piece to elevate your everyday look. The necklace features a unique textured coin pendant framed with a row of round faceted stones. The piece fastens with a spring clasp at the back of the neck.

This necklace is a timeless classic that’s sure to stand the test of time. The hand-textured coin necklace is a beautiful addition to any outfit. It looks lovely paired with a plain or patterned shirt, and you can even layer it with other necklaces to create a unique and fashionable ensemble. It’s crafted in high-quality sterling silver, which has been hammered for a shimmering effect and then plated with 18K gold vermeil—which is a thicker layer of gold than traditional gold plating.

Cherub Coin Necklace

A cherub coin necklace is a timeless accessory that is both classically beautiful and perfectly on trend. These pieces are designed to evoke feelings of tenderness and celestial elegance. Whether you are looking for a romantic gift or a piece of jewelry to commemorate a special moment, a cherub coin necklace is the perfect choice.

A gold cherub guardian angel round coin pendant suspended on dainty non-tarnish gold filled chain (16′ + 2′ extension)

This beautiful cherub coin necklace is both classic and on trend. This piece is a great gift for the angel in your life. It would also be a beautiful piece to celebrate a special occasion or even a wedding anniversary.

Necklaces are often thought of as being exclusively feminine, but this widely loved accessory has been gender-neutral for eons. Men of the Renaissance layered chains and treasured rings alongside their women counterparts, while free-spirited hippie and counterculture movements of the 1960s celebrated self-expression with colorful multistrand necklaces and beads. At 1stDibs, you’ll find an array of antique and vintage necklaces that showcase both the beauty and history of this universally beloved accessory. Find the ideal piece for you or a loved one today. With so many styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect coin necklace for any occasion.

Arethusa Coin Necklace

The enchanting Arethusa coin pendant is a stunning piece of jewelry that celebrates beauty, strength, and grace. Its unique design is inspired by a rare ancient coin from Syracuse, Sicily that depicted the nymph of water and nature. This coin has since been transformed into this pendant to become a symbol of power and victory. Whether you are looking for a gift to give your loved one or yourself, this necklace is sure to be cherished for years to come.

This coin pendant is crafted from a silver tetradrachm of the Cook Islands, which features an antique finish and remarkable ultra-high relief visuals. The obverse of the coin displays Queen Elizabeth II, wearing her Girls of Great Britain and Ireland diamond tiara and surrounded by intricate coin markings. The reverse side of the coin shows Arethusa, a Greek nymph that was turned into a fountain. This coin is part of the Numismatic Icons collection, a captivating collaboration between CIT and the Cook Islands that pays homage to legendary figures from Greek mythology.

Like all our other coin pendants, this one is a unique and exquisitely-crafted accessory that you will treasure for generations to come. The pendant comes with a chain that can be worn at different lengths, allowing you to customize its look. It also features a clasp that opens and closes to keep the chain secure. You can use the clasp to add or remove charms from the chain, letting you personalize it according to your style.

The antique finish on this pendant enhances its beauty and provides a timeless quality. Its intricate coin markings also contribute to its classic and elegant design. Moreover, the pendant is designed with Smartminting technology, which ensures that each one of its details is visible, even from afar. Each pendant also arrives securely housed in a presentation case to preserve its condition and to protect it from damage or tarnishing in the future. When you buy this coin pendant, you will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity from CIT. This certification affirms the coin’s origin and craftsmanship, making it a true spectacle for coin connoisseurs to behold.


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