Bali Family Holidays


Known for stunning beaches, great surfing and beautiful temples Bali is an excellent choice for family holidays. The Indonesian Island is also home to amazing culture, delicious food and a range of family friendly resorts.

Explore a different side of the island with an exhilarating adventure in Ubud. Alternatively, sit back and relax on the beach in Seminyak.

One of the most popular things to do with kids in Bali is to relax on a gorgeous beach. You can easily find kid friendly resort hotels with huge swimming pools and onsite kids clubs where the little ones can be safely entertained while mum and dad enjoy cocktails, exquisite food and relaxing spa treatments.

Sanur is a quieter family option on the east coast of the island where you will find several high end family friendly hotels with gorgeous swimming pools and a fabulous beach club. The beaches are protected by a reef so the waters are calm and shallow so they are perfect for kids. Eat dinner at a table on the sand at sunset as this is a very special experience.

For many travellers, a trip to Bali is not complete without experiencing its breathtaking waterfalls. But be prepared for a bit of an adventure as most are accessed through gorges and require some hiking.

One of the best is GitGit located near Singaraja in North Bali and is a favourite with families. There is a great GitGit Waterfall Tour that includes refreshment stops and a visit to other waterfalls on the way.

Another popular waterfall is Tukad Cepung found near Bangli. This waterfall is hidden behind a rock and is a beautiful picture-taking spot. The water is not deep enough to swim but it is still refreshing and a nice place to cool off.

One of Bali’s most beautiful temple complexes, it’s best known for its cliff-top location and gorgeous sunset views. It also hosts the traditional Balinese Kecak dance performance.

The number three is a key part of the temple layout, with the jaba pisan serving as a bridge between the sacred and secular worlds, then the jaba tengah, where gamelan performances or food stalls might be located during festivals. Then the jero, which is the innermost section of the temple with its most important shrines.

A temple’s importance is often reflected in the height of its highest tower, known as a meru. Some are even topped with a special drum, called a bale kulkul, which might be banged on during ceremonies.

Although Bali may be famed for its sandy beaches and temples, it also has a thriving shopping scene. Local shops and boutiques are bursting with a wide range of products that will suit any family.

A stop at the famous Sukawati Art Market is a must for any art lover. The village is home to traditional artists who sell their own work. Bargaining is a big part of the experience here and prices are typically cut by at least 50%.

Another must is the Tegallalang ‘Handicrafts Village’, which specialises in traditional wooden figures, from Garuda sculptors to Kamasan-style paintings. There are also plenty of motifs shirts and woven textiles to choose from.

A trip to Bali is not complete without trying the local food. This cuisine has a lot of influence from other areas in Indonesia as well as neighbouring countries, leading to creative fusion recipes.

Try a traditional dish like laklak, small green cakes made from rice flour with sprinkles of grated coconut and drizzled with palm sugar syrup. Or the unique sate lilit which consists of grilled meat, poultry or fish wrapped around flat bamboo sticks or lemongrass stalks.

Another must-try is keripik or “spicy salad”, a colourful mix of vegetables, herbs and spices such as kaffir lime leaves, tumeric, coriander, sambal, sliced shallots and lesser galangal. Different variations are served with different proteins, such as chicken lawar ayam or pork lawar babi. It’s delicious!Bali family holidays


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