Find a Watch Repair Shop Near Me on Yelp


A watch is an important piece of jewelry and can hold sentimental value for many people. Having one that is in good condition will add to its value. It is also much easier to pass down a watch that is working.

This mom-and-pop shop gets great reviews for their honesty and speed. Yelpers say they can get battery changes done in minutes and are underpriced.


Watch repair shop near me can fix all sorts of issues, from replacing a broken bracelet link to resizing the case. The more work your watch needs, the higher the price tag will be. However, the most common repairs are battery replacement and link additions and removals. The prices for these services are typically under $20.

Many horologists offer full overhauls, which involve taking the watch apart and checking for problems. A fully overhauled watch should last years before needing another one.

This mom-and-pop shop is a popular choice in the neighborhood, with Yelpers saying that its service is honest and straightforward. The shop also provides a quick turnaround for common repairs like battery changes and band resizing. Its cluttered, old-fashioned setting may not appeal to everyone, but its renowned expertise and affordability make it worth the trip.


For an overhaul, the watch will need to be opened up and carefully looked at. That can cost you a fair bit, Kivel says. But that’s a reasonable price to pay to bring a cherished family heirloom back to life.

A good repairman will walk you through the process of how a watch gets fixed, so you understand what is going on. Kivel’s customers bring in watches from Rolexes to Audemars Piguets and ask questions. “They want to know what they’re paying for,” he says.

Kivel also recommends you avoid places that crack open a watch on the spot, as that’s a red flag. That means there’s a middleman taking a cut from you. Instead, find a place that will show you photos of the space where they work and be willing to explain their process. Ask how long it will take to complete an overhaul and how much a replacement part might cost. This is a great way to compare different shops.


If your vintage heirloom watch stops ticking and you need an expert to restore it, you’ll want to look for a shop that specializes in that type of work. A skilled watchmaker with years of experience working on everything from Patek Philippe watches to Illinois pocket watches can make the world of difference when it comes to bringing an antique horological treasure back to life.

Some places offer quick, cheap fixes like battery changes for $7 or less. Yelpers swear by this South Park Slope spot, which says it can change your battery in about five minutes.

The more complex jobs can take longer. Kivel recommends asking if the watchmaker will send you pictures of the inside of your watch fully disassembled and showing you how they’ll reassemble it. If they can’t, he says, “Run for the hills.”


Yelp reviewers love this small mom-and-pop shop for its quick service. They’ll change a battery for you in five minutes flat, and their prices aren’t outrageous.

Tourneau’s watchmakers put their watches through a rigorous quality control department where a technician double-checks rate and amplitude. They also demagnetize every watch, a process that reverses the negative effects of modern electronics on hairsprings.

Watch cleaning services include ultrasonic washing of metal bracelets and cases, and professional polishing or satin-finishing (where possible). Their restoration service includes dismantling and disassembly of the movement, replacement of worn or damaged components, and cleaning, oiling, and reassembly. They’ll also restore the case, hands and metal bracelet as needed to give the watch its original appearance. They offer a 24-month warranty on their work, starting at the date of inspection.


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