Five Reputable Auto Body Shops in the Brooklyn New York Area


The Brooklyn New York area is a hot spot for all kinds of auto body work. From small to major repairs, there are many repair shops and collision centers that can take care of all your automotive needs. However, if you want to find a reputable auto body shop, you should know what to look for.

Cameo Auto Body

One of the most prestigious of all auto body shops, Cameo, is well versed in all the latest car make and model technology. In fact, the company has been in business since 1991. To top it off, the company boasts an annual sales figure of around 500,000 – a pretty decent tally for a company that’s been around for more than a decade. That said, the company is also renowned for its top notch service and stellar customer satisfaction. Indeed, the company has been consistently voted as one of the best auto body shops in the entire NYC metro area. With its unwavering commitment to quality and unwavering attention to customer satisfaction, Cameo deserves all the accolades it gets.


A1 Auto Body is a reputable auto repair shop located on Coney Island Blvd in Brooklyn, NY. The company offers affordable services to customers in the area. Some of their specialties include car dent repair, vehicle collision repairs, and automotive paint matching. They also offer a few other noteworthy items such as roadside assistance, towing, and maintenance.

As a car owner, it’s important to find an honest auto maintenance mechanic. However, finding an auto repair shop with the best rates in the east of the Hudson isn’t as easy as you might think. The best place to look is a local review site that specializes in auto care.

Chris & Son Automotive

Chris & Son Automotive is a family owned towing and automotive repair service in Brooklyn, New York. The business has been in operation for over eight years, and has five employees working at the one location. This company is located at 2916 Atlantic Ave, Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, NY 11207, United States. A quick look at the website for this company will show that it specializes in towing services and automotive repair. However, customers can also check for prices by calling.

When Chris was young, he was very aware of what he wanted in life. He had to learn how to work hard, and earn his way. His parents were absent-minded and alcoholic, and he grew up with an endless grind. But he always started with the end in mind, and he worked his way forward. Eventually, he took a job at a local dealership as a used car salesman. During the late 2008 recession, he was able to put a lot of cars on the road. Eventually, he became an overflow finance manager, and began earning commissions.

Westchester Collision & Recovery

Westchester Collision & Recovery is a company based in Pelham, New York that generates $250,000 in annual revenues. The company employs four employees at a single location and has been in operation for seventeen years. If you’re in need of automotive repair, services, and parking, you should consider calling the company. It has a great reputation and uses the latest technologies in the industry.

When you’re in an accident, you might be able to hire a Westchester Collision & Recovery lawyer to help you get the compensation you need. However, this can be a difficult process. Getting your insurance company to pay you the full amount is no easy feat.

Sea Breeze Auto Body

Sea Breeze AUTO BODY BROOKLYN NY┬áis a name you can trust in the collision repair business. They’ve been family owned and operated for thirty years. They offer free estimate of their time and money saving services. The best part is you can have the entire process handled at their facility. Their trained technicians will take care of all your auto body repairs including painting and frame repair, dent removal and replacement of your windshield. Plus, you can pick up your car when you’re done! So, whether it’s a fender bender or a total loss, don’t be afraid to call or visit the Sea Breeze Auto Body.

Salerno Service Station

Salerno Service Station is a family owned auto body shop that has served the Brooklyn community for three generations. Located in the heart of Williamsburg, it is one of the most respected auto repair shops in the area. It has offered low cost, high quality auto repairs for over three decades. If you are looking for affordable and reliable auto service in Brooklyn, look no further than the Salerno Service Station. Whether you are in need of tire replacement or auto body repair, this auto shop will be able to meet all of your needs.

Salerno Service Station has built its reputation as a trustworthy auto repair business by providing exceptional guidance and excellent assistance. The shop has a wealth of experience in the tire and auto repair industries and is an excellent source for a variety of products and services in New York City.


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