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London is many things: global city, financial centre, a hub for diversity and learning. It almost goes without saying that this great city offers a huge variety of German courses.

Adult evening classes are popular at beginner and intermediate levels. You can learn German with a tutor, in a classroom or online.

1. Private Tutors

When most people think of learning a foreign language, they imagine classrooms filled with stern, mortarboard-wearing academics. But there is another option for Londoners who wish to become multilingual: private tutoring.

These individual lessons offer a more dynamic and engaging learning environment than traditional language classes. They employ a communicative method that encourages students to take the lead in their own learning and build confidence while using German.

If you are a total beginner, you can take a beginners survival German course that will introduce you to the basics of vocabulary, pronunciation, grammatical structures and basic cultural understanding. CIEE also offers advanced courses for those with some previous knowledge of the language.

CIEE’s language courses are taught by trained and experienced teachers who come from Germany or other countries where German is spoken. The lessons are designed to be fun and challenging while helping you to progress towards your goals for study, work or travel.

2. Classrooms

Boost your employability with an evening German course for adults. Germany is Europe’s largest exporter and number four worldwide – learning the language will open doors to international trade opportunities.

These ten-week classes are available to anyone who wants to learn German. They run from beginner level (A1.1) to B2+, which offers a good understanding of complex grammatical structures and a rich vocabulary.

The classroom-based courses are taught by highly qualified native and near-native speakers. They follow the Common European Framework for Languages.

Berlitz London takes language learning to a new level with immersive lessons and fun cultural activities. The classes focus on engagement, ensuring you make rapid progress towards your language goals. They also cater for different learning styles to empower you to discover your own unique path to proficiency. All levels are available in-person and online.

3. Online

There are more than 100 million speakers of German, and in the business world learning German can open up international opportunities. Our one to one and small group German language courses offer specialised attention which enables you to meet your individual goals.

Kochiva offers interactive online German lessons for all levels of proficiency, from A1 (beginners) to C2 (advanced). Their German courses are crafted to match your personal learning needs and goals, and their experienced trainers provide a supportive environment for your language journey.

The CIEE website offers an extensive collection of German lessons, including beginners survival classes for basic conversational skills, and more advanced courses like professional presentation. The lessons are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and include interactive and engaging listening, reading, speaking, writing, and grammar exercises. The lessons also provide cultural insights into Germany and its people. You can try a free sample lesson before signing up.

4. At Home

Some people have a natural ability to learn languages, but for most, it takes around 600 hours of dedication to reach working fluency. Thankfully, Kochiva’s German language courses online are designed to help you overcome this hurdle.

Their interactive online classes are taught by experienced native speakers and align with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. You can study a variety of German levels, from A1 (complete beginners) to C2 for advanced speakers.

SIMON & SIMON also offer Business German courses to individuals and businesses. They work with a number of multinational corporations to ensure their staff have the language skills needed for global transactions. Their classroom-based and online courses focus on listening and speaking, but they also provide lessons to help you with reading, writing and note-taking. The business modules also include training in a range of cultural contexts and professional scenarios.


German courses London


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