Glass Scratch Removal (A Window Glass Guide)


Do you have scratches on your glass windows? The following are 5 quick and easy methods for removing scratches from glass. Find out more by reading this guide.

Unsightly scratches can appear on your windows due to a pet’s sharp claws or branches rubbing against the house. The damage doesn’t always require the services of a glass professional, but scratches should be repaired as soon as possible before they turn into cracks.

How Do Glass Scratches Happen?

It is not uncommon for your home to sustain scratches on its windows as a result of wear and tear. In most cases, scratches become apparent over time, and their origin is unknown. There is no matter what their origin is, however glass scratch removal you can easily repair light scratches.

It may be necessary to consult a professional glass repair service if the damage is serious. For example if you can feel a groove in the glass with your fingernail. Glass replacement might be necessary if there are major scratches or cracks in the windowpanes.

You can do it yourself. If you have the right tools and know how to use them, it’s not difficult to fix your own glass windowpane. You’ll need a good pair of scissors, an adjustable wrench, a drill, a glass cutting kit, clear tape, a heat gun, and cleaning supplies. The first step is to remove any trim around the frame. Then, cut out the damaged area with scissors. Use the heat gun to soften the edges of the cutout.

How to Remove Scratches from Glass Windows

In most cases, materials available at home can be used to remove scratches from glass.

  1. Baking Soda Removes Glass Scratches

Baking soda and water are the third methods for removing scratches from glass. In a nutshell, you’re creating your own glass polish by mixing the two ingredients.

We recommend cleaning the glass before proceeding with any of our scratch removal methods to avoid adding more debris to the scratch. Mix baking soda and water in a bowl can make a pudding-like paste. Make circular motions with a microfiber cloth while rubbing the paste onto the scratch. A clean cloth and lukewarm water will help remove baking soda residue.

  1. Use Nail Polish To Clean Glass Scratches

Scratches on glass can be buffed out with a variety of products. Even though it takes some time, nail polish is one of the better methods for removing scratches. You can use this process to remove scratches from mirrors.

The entire area of the scratch on the glass must be cleaned before you attempt to remove it. Use the applicator brush of the nail polish to spread clear nail polish on the scratch. A scratch doesn’t need to be covered completely with clear nail polish. Please ensure the nail polish fills in the scratches on the glass by letting it sit for an hour.

Wipe acetone or nail polish remover onto a microfiber cloth and remove the clear nail polish. Ensure that the polish and scratch on the glass are completely removed by wiping. No need to come back with glass cleaner after using nail polish remover/acetone to shine the glass.

  1. Polish Glass Scratches Away with Brasso

During high school, I had this friend who would polish his watch crystal scratches with Brasso brass polish. It works perfectly as a scratch filler for glass. The year is 20 years from now. For a client, I installed a patio door that cost $1,800. I was contacted by the homeowner the next day about a 3-in. The glass is scratched right in the middle. I was scrambling for alternatives when I remembered my friend’s obsession with his flawless watch face when I was faced with replacing an expensive door panel. An hour later—voila!—one happy customer, one scratch-free patio door, and one very happy, sore-armed contractor.


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