Hair Transplant in Cyprus


Cyprus is a popular destination for hair transplantation. There are many benefits to choosing this country for your procedure. It is safe, affordable and has great climate conditions.

Fevzi Kortay is a highly experienced hair surgeon. His clinic uses fixed-price packages for each patient, regardless of the number of grafts needed.

The cost of a hair transplant in Cyprus can vary significantly depending on the procedure and surgeon. Some clinics offer all-inclusive packages, while others may charge per graft. In either case, it is important to research a clinic before scheduling your treatment. A low price should be a red flag, as it indicates that the surgeon is cutting corners.

Dr Fevzi Kortay is a highly skilled British Cypriot hair surgeon who has extensive training in hair restoration surgery. He studied at the Istanbul Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty and gained the necessary skills to perform a successful operation. He is a member of the ISHRS and ESHRS, and he regularly attends conferences and provides training sessions to fellow doctors.

The hair transplantation procedure at GetHair is completely safe and painless, and patients can return to work the day after their session. The technique is called the “stick and place” method, and it can produce natural results that are indistinguishable from your original hair.

If you want to get a safe hair transplant in Cyprus, FUEHUB is the place to go. They are a single-specialty clinic that offers a variety of treatments and has high success rates. Their team of experts is dedicated to aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, and they offer Dr Fevzi Kortay’s Ultra High Density Technique. They also offer a one patient per day policy to ensure personalised attention.

Complications are uncommon during and after hair restoration surgery. However, if they occur, they can have serious consequences and should be reported to your doctor immediately. These complications include donor site infections, graft failure, and post-surgical infection.

During the procedure, your surgeon will take precautions to protect your eyes and skin from damage. A nurse will also be present to assist in the process and provide medical support throughout your visit. In addition to ensuring safety, the nurse will ensure that all necessary medications are available and that you do not have any drug interactions.

Cyprus is a popular tourist destination, and it also has a number of modern private medical centers that cater to international patients. These facilities provide the latest technology and treatments, and they are staffed by experienced doctors. The islands also offer a wide variety of spa and well-being treatments.

Our International Patient Coordinator will be with you throughout the entire process, from initial contact through your consultation appointment and booking your procedure. She will help you with your travel and accommodation arrangements in Cyprus, and she will follow up after your operation to ensure that you’re healing well.

The Doctor Michalis Clinic is a professional hair restoration centre that uses only the best surgical equipment available. Its owner, Dr Michalis, is an expert in follicular unit extraction – FUE and follicular unit transplantation – FUT. His methods are proven to deliver natural-looking, dense results. He also teaches other surgeons how to perform the procedure properly.

Cyprus is a beautiful Mediterranean island and an excellent holiday destination. The country is renowned for its mineral wealth, splendid wines, and stunning beaches. It also has a fascinating culture and compelling history. Moreover, it has a number of private medical centers that offer world-class treatment and care to international patients.

Dr Michalis Hair Clinic is a well-known specialist in providing comprehensive hair restoration solutions. The clinic is dedicated to offering personalized solutions for each patient’s unique situation. It offers Follicular Unit Extraction – FUE and Follicular Unit Transplantation – FUT and uses a “one patient per day” policy to guarantee high quality results.

The clinic is located in Nicosia and provides accommodation and transport for international patients. Its International Patient Coordinator will help you arrange your consultation and booking, as well as assisting with travel arrangements to Cyprus. She will also provide post-operation care and advice. She will be in touch throughout your trip and will answer any questions you may have.north cyprus hair transplant


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