How an Electrical Panel Upgrade Can Increase Your Home’s Value


An electrical panel upgrade requires shutting off power to the area, removing and possibly modifying wires. It is a job best left to qualified professionals.

Upgrading to a new electrical panel will increase your home’s capacity so you can run more appliances and devices without worrying about tripping breakers or burning out fuses. This will also help reduce the risk of fires in your home and could potentially lower your homeowner’s insurance premium.

If your electrical panel is old, it may be at risk of arcing or sparks, which can lead to fires in the home. These fires can cause serious damage and even death. Upgrading your panel to a newer, more efficient model helps reduce the risk of fires and other problems.

Another reason to consider an upgrade is if you are adding new appliances or other devices that require more power than your current system can handle. If you are installing a hot tub, upgrading your HVAC system or adding an electric vehicle charging station to the garage, you will likely need to upgrade your panel in order to accommodate these increased power requirements.

If your lights flicker or dim, this is often a sign that your electrical panel is overloaded and struggling to keep up with the demand. This can lead to excessive tripping of the circuit breakers and other safety issues that can be avoided with an upgrade.

When it comes to home improvements, many homeowners think of kitchen upgrades or bathroom remodels. However, your electrical system also needs attention from time to time. While a panel upgrade might not be as glamorous as a new kitchen, it can have a significant impact on both safety and value in your home.

Your electrical panel, also known as a fuse box or circuit breaker, acts as the command center for your house’s electricity distribution network. It connects public utility lines to the circuits that supply power to your lights and appliances. If your home’s panel is outdated or too small for the demands of modern devices, you could experience low efficiency and even system overload.

A major service panel upgrade, often called a “heavy up,” helps your home better meet today’s technology demands. It can optimize energy usage, leading to lower electricity bills and a greener future for your home. A safer electrical system can also reduce homeowner’s insurance costs.

Homeowners often consider a number of different projects and renovations to add value to their property. While a new kitchen or bathroom may be at the top of the list, an electrical panel upgrade can also increase your property’s value.

Older fuse-box models and circuit breaker panels are not as efficient in using electrical power as more recent options, which can lead to higher utility bills than necessary. Additionally, older electric panels can be less reliable and more prone to failure due to age, wear and tear, and other factors.

In many cases, a homeowner will need to have their electric panel upgraded when they install solar or batteries. These types of energy systems typically require more power than the standard breaker box can handle. A new service panel will ensure that these systems are able to operate properly and safely. This will also reduce the risk of fires, electrical problems, and other issues. This can result in a lower insurance premium for the homeowner as well.

The electrical panel is the brains of your home’s entire wiring system, directing the flow of electricity to all of your equipment and appliances. As such, it’s important to keep an eye out for any signs of a malfunctioning panel.

One such sign is a burning smell, which indicates that the plastic covering of a wire has started to melt. If you notice this, call an electrician immediately as this is a serious fire hazard.

Another problem with old panels is a lack of sufficient capacity to handle the power demands of modern devices and appliances. An upgrade can solve this issue by adding more circuits to your home’s electrical system, ensuring that everything works without tripping the breakers or blowing fuses. This expanded capability also adds value to your home, as it allows you to install more electronics and other amenities to increase its functionality. Additionally, an upgrade will ensure compliance with current building codes, which can help during the real estate process.


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