How Fast Is Naruto (Everything You Need to Know)

how fast is naruto
how fast is naruto

Anime series like Naruto are among the most popular of all time due to the fact that their main character is one of the most relatable and powerful anime characters ever. Because of this, when we talk about Naruto and his abilities, we often focus on what he can do physically rather than what he can do with ninja techniques. As a result, he is a welcome departure from characters who rely more on their techniques than their physical abilities.

The anime often portrays Naruto as one of the strongest and most durable characters due to his physical capabilities. But how fast is he? Because Naruto is not the fastest character in the entire Naruto anime series, we tend to overlook his speed. What is the speed of Naruto in all his forms?

How Fast Is Naruto?

Naruto is one of the most popular anime characters, and there are plenty of reasons he is one of the best characters in any anime series.

Thus, despite Naruto’s weak and almost useless beginning, people quickly fell in love with his heart and determination, which are the best qualities of his character. It was only a matter of time before he became strong enough to take on the strongest foes in the entire series.

What about his speed? We often overlook Naruto’s speed when we consider the things he was capable of when at his best. In the entire series, Naruto is not shown to be among the fastest characters, but he is nonetheless quite fast.

Due to his special ninja training, Kurama, the chakra of the Sage of Six Paths, and the assistance of Kurama, Naruto is quite fast at his very best. That’s what we’re here to examine.

How Fast Is Naruto Compared to Light Speed?

Naruto was quite fast when he was at his best. We saw this well in the original Naruto and the Naruto Shippuden anime, but in Boruto, he was shown to be significantly faster than light to the point that even Sasuke, with the help of the Sharingan, couldn’t see him at all.

Naruto’s increased speed could be attributed in large part to baryon mode, which he used as a last-ditch effort. Byron Mode was able to harness all the life energy from his tailed beast to give him abilities that far exceed anything we have ever seen in the entire series.

The anime implies that the baryon mode is a sort of last resort for Naruto when he has no other options left. It’s never said explicitly, but it’s always made to seem like that’s what happened. However, in the manga, there are actually two times where this happens. The first time is when Naruto is in the Akatsuki cave, and they’re trying to get him to fight Sasuke. This time he uses baryon mode, and it’s made clear that he didn’t use it because he had no other choice.

Naruto’s Mach Speed Is What?

Because Naruto, at his peak, was much faster than the speed of light, he could potentially achieve a speed exceeding Mach 874,635.6, which is the Mach equivalent of light speed. So, Naruto was extremely fast, even without considering that his show hadfaster characters than him.

He’s been able to move faster than light since the start of his journey. He can’t go beyond the speed of light because he has not mastered enough chakra yet to be able to do so. He doesn’t need to because he can move through space at the speed of light, but still needs to slow down in order to get a good run upon an opponent. It’s just that most people don’t realize it because of the way Naruto’s body is. He’s just as fast now as he was when he started his journey.


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