How To Cancel eBay Bid Guide of 2022

How To Cancel eBay Bid Guide
How To Cancel eBay Bid Guide

eBay is a wonderful online marketplace, especially if you want to collect items that are vintage, difficult to find, or just not as plentiful as you would like in your local area.

You can find everything from musical instruments to clothes to cars on the site, so even the most obscure items can be found within minutes. These items can be yours if you are the highest bidder. Is it possible to cancel a bid after it’s been placed?

In general, bids on eBay are binding, and you must pay for the item if you win it. However, there are cases in which eBay will allow you to retract a bid you have placed.

Maybe you entered $100 instead of $10 as your maximum bid, or the item’s description has changed considerably, and you are no longer interested in it. If you are unable to reach the seller by phone or if you received an undeliverable email from the seller, you can cancel a bid.

Other than the reasons listed above, you may also cancel a bid if 12 hours or more remain before the end of the listing. You can, however, only cancel the most recent bid placed in the last hour if the listing ends within 12 hours.If your bid meets those requirements, follow these steps to cancel it.

how to Cancel eBay Bid as a Seller

How do I cancel my eBay bid? If you are the seller of an item, and the buyer wants to cancel their bid, here is how you can do it. You will need to log into your eBay account and click on the “My Account” link in the top right-hand corner of the page. Once there, select the “Bids” tab from the left-hand side of the page.

Simply click on the bid that you wish to cancel. This will open up a new page showing the details of the transaction. On this page, you will see the status of the bid as “Cancelled.” What is negative feedback? Negative feedback is a comment that a buyer has left on an item they have purchased. If you leave negative feedback, you are allowing a buyer to respond to your comment. When a buyer responds, you can view their response in the feedback section of your eBay account. You may leave as many negative feedbacks as you wish; however, if you leave more than three negative feedbacks within a six-month period, you will be automatically suspended from eBay.

How To Block Bidders from Your Auctions

The only way to stop persistent non-payers from bidding on your listings and messing up the auctions is to block them. This can be useful in those rare instances when someone is just trying to cause trouble or lower your feedback score.

Log into eBay and visit the sellers’ block eBay bidders page.

In the box, enter the username of the person you wish to block. Click Submit to save your changes. The user can be unblocked by deleting their username.

The number of different user IDs you can have blocked at one time is 5,000. If you run into a dishonest competitor or if someone is just trying to annoy you, this tool can be extremely helpful.

Bidding On eBay and Retracting It As A Buyer

The act of retracting a bid is known as retracting by eBay. eBay discourages retractions whenever possible because it wants the selling process to work for both sides. A mechanism exists just for the purpose of taking a step back from a transaction. Retracting a bid is only possible if you meet certain conditions, including:

  • When the seller makes material changes to the product description
  • When you accidentally bid a different amount
  • When the seller doesn’t reply to your communications

You can only retract your last bid if the auction has less than 12 hours to run, and you can only do that if it’s been less than one hour since you placed it. When you miss the cancellation deadline, you have to contact the seller directly to hope they will cancel the bid themselves.


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