How to Choose Coin Rings


A coin ring is a unique piece of jewelry that can be worn and treasured for years to come. It symbolizes change, new beginnings and strength. This unique ring is handcrafted from an actual circulated quarter and each one comes out different for a truly original look.

The process of converting a coin into a ring begins by punching a hole in the center. That produces a small disk of metal that is not used in the ring and belongs to you if you do it yourself.

Coin Size

Coin rings are great for adding a touch of history to your jewelry collection. You can find a wide variety of styles and sizes to fit any finger. Most coin rings are made of solid sterling silver, but there are also some made of other metals such as brass or bronze. This allows you to create a unique ring that is perfect for any occasion. The coin size is important to consider because it can affect the overall look of the ring. The size of the coin determines how large or small the ring will be, and whether it will sit comfortably on your finger.

The most common metal used to make coin rings is sterling silver, which is 92.5 percent pure. This type of ring is very durable and can last for years if properly cared for. It is recommended to polish your ring regularly to remove any scratches. This will keep it looking its best and prolong the life of the ring.

Gold is another popular metal used to make coin rings. This style of ring is more expensive than silver, but it has a beautiful look that makes it more appealing to many people. A gold coin ring can be a great addition to any collection, and it is a great gift for someone special.

There are a number of companies that specialize in making coins into rings, and you can even do this yourself at home with the right tools. This process is called refashioning, and it involves using a ring mandrel to flatten the coin and cut out a circular piece of metal around the original design. This can be done with a simple drill or saw, and it is an excellent way to make a truly unique ring.

You can also use a regular coin to make a ring, but it is not as durable as a refashioning. The coin must be a legal tender and must have a specific date on it. It is best to get a coin that has a high purity percentage, such as a quarter or a gold dollar. A random quarter or golden dollar from today is likely to have a lot of copper, which can irritate the skin.


One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a coin ring is its metal. The metal used to make a coin ring determines how expensive the ring is. Some metals, such as brass, are more durable than others, and they also have a more attractive color and feel heavier in the hand.

Another factor to consider when buying a coin ring is its design. Some coins have beautiful designs, and they can add a touch of class to any outfit. Others are more simple, and they can be worn for everyday wear. You should be aware that not all coins are made equal, and it is important to buy your ring from an experienced jeweler. There are many new jewelers on Etsy and in your local craft fairs who may not be honest and dependable. They may not know what they’re doing, or they may just be out to make a quick buck. This is why it’s important to research the company before making a purchase.

A silver ring can be very expensive, and it’s important to choose the right one for your budget. It’s best to avoid cheap, poor quality coins, as these can be worn out in a few weeks and will lose their value. Similarly, you should be wary of silver-plated rings, as these are typically worth less than sterling silver.

Some coin rings are made using a special process that preserves the details of the original coin. This process is often more time consuming and labor intensive than other methods, but it can be very rewarding. A ring made from a rare coin can be worth hundreds of dollars.

The first step in creating a coin ring is to punch a hole in the middle of the coin. This can be done using a drill, but you should be careful not to drill too far into the coin, as this could damage it. Once the hole is in place, you can begin hammering it. To do this, use a nylon hammer and tap on the coin with rapid, but not overly hard hits. It’s best to work the ring on a mandrel, and you can hold it against a piece of wood while tapping. The ring will slowly bend down around the mandrel, and you can also use a saw to help speed up the process.


While coin rings are a great way to display your unique style, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing one. First, be sure to work with a reputable artisan who will make your ring with care and attention. You want to ensure that the craftsmanship is high-quality and that your ring fits perfectly. Also, be sure to find out about the material used to make your ring.

Silver coins typically make the best coin rings because they respond well to the intense heat and pressure required to turn them into jewelry. The silver also resists oxidation and will remain shiny even after years of wear. However, some coins minted in gold and other metals are also good candidates for turning into rings.

To make a coin ring, the first step is to drill a hole in the coin. This should be placed in a spot that will be hidden when the ring is worn. Then, the coin is hammered around a tapered mandrel until it reaches the desired size. Once the ring is formed, it can be polished for a smooth finish or left with a rich patina.

Once a ring is made, it is important to protect the surface from scratches and other damage. It is also important to periodically reseal the ring to reduce the risk of skin irritation and allergies. A high-quality artisan will use a clear sealer to protect the ring and help it retain its shine.

The process of making a coin ring is time-consuming and labor intensive. Each ring is individually hand-made, and there is a lot of hammering, banging, annealing, and bending that goes into each piece. This makes each ring unique and gives it a personality of its own.

When purchasing a coin ring, be sure to choose a reputable artisan who will provide you with a quality product at a fair price. A cheap coin ring may not be worth the money, as it could easily become damaged or lose its beauty over time. If you want to be happy with your purchase for a long time, find an artisan who will stand behind it with a money back guarantee and make customer satisfaction their top priority.


A silver coin ring is a stylish accessory that will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. It is also a great way to commemorate an important event in your life. However, these rings are often more expensive than other types of jewelry. It is therefore important to shop around before you decide on one. Make sure you find a reliable artisan who will use high-quality materials. In addition, it is a good idea to choose a silver coin rather than a brass or copper coin, as these can irritate the skin.

If you are looking for a beautiful coin ring, consider choosing one that features a design from a Nordic country. These rings are made from a.999 fine silver coin and are a great choice for those who enjoy wearing bold jewelry. The oxidized finish of the coin brings out the beauty of the design and gives it a unique look. In addition to the silver, the ring is plated with gold for added durability.

When shopping for a silver coin ring, it is essential to avoid coins that have copper in them. Copper can irritate the skin and cause discoloration. You should also stay away from clad coins, which have a copper center and nickel on the outside. These metals do not make good coin rings, and you should avoid purchasing them from a crafter who uses them.

Once you have found a coin you like, you can begin making a ring. You can start by using a soup spoon to tap the coin, but you will need to keep hitting it until it is flat enough to be used as a ring. Once the coin is flat, you can begin to hammer it to make it smooth. When the ring is finished, you can test it by putting it on your finger and pressing on it.

To make your ring even more special, you can add a diamond or other gemstone. It will also make the ring more durable and protect it against damage. In addition, a diamond ring can add an extra level of elegance to your outfit.


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