How to Choose the Right Materials for Banner Printing


Walk through any retail space, city street or sports arena and you’ll see countless banners promoting businesses, events and brands. These banners are crafted using a combination of design, materials, and printing processes to communicate their message in the most eye-catching way possible.

The first step in designing a high-quality banner is determining its purpose and where it will be displayed. From there, the process is straightforward.
Paper Prints

Banners are a powerful marketing tool that allows you to reach a wide audience with your message. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from advertising your business to celebrating a birthday. However, it is important to choose the right material for your banner print, as it will determine its look and durability.

Banner prints can be made of coated papers with a matte or glossy finish, vinyl, canvas or a flag-like material. The latter is often used for outdoor advertising and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Uncoated regular paper is not a good option for banner printing because it cannot withstand the weight of the printed image and may tear easily.

Polyester fabric is a great choice for indoor and outdoor banner printing because it is printed using the direct dye sublimation process, meaning that the ink goes through the fabric rather than staying on its surface. It is also a popular choice for pole banners, as it can be hemmed with grommets and has a high-quality feel.
Vinyl Prints

Vinyl is a durable and versatile medium that was first deployed as coated wire for military ships during the second World War and later made its way into building sites. It also lends itself to large format printing and can be cut into any shape or size – within very narrow tolerances.

When the digital proof goes through, a roll of vinyl material is fed into a large-format printer and printed using UV-waterproof solvent inks. These inks are non-toxic, odorless and produce zero volatile organic compounds.

Once the printing is done, the edges of your banner will be welded or sewed to prevent fraying. Aluminum grommets will be inserted to make it easy for you to hang your new banner. Most banner printing jobs take only a few business days to complete. After that, you can pick up or have it delivered. Then you can use it to boost your brand visibility or draw attention to a particular event or offer.

Grommets are small metal rings used to reinforce holes in fabric and other materials. They are often used in banners and other forms of signage such as corrugated plastic yard signs or tarps. They are also commonly found in drapes and curtains.

There are several different types of grommets and they are made from a wide variety of materials. Metal grommets however are the most common type used for signage grommets as they tend to be more durable. They are also less likely to chaff or cut whatever rope or cord is used to hang the banner.

There are several ways that grommets can be installed on a banner. There are DIY methods that can be done by individuals using a hand grommet tool or automatic grommet press. There is also the more industrial way that grommets are used in larger printing shops for large scale orders. This method involves using a hand grommet machine or an automatic hydraulic grommet press.
Pole Pockets

Pole pockets are sleeve-like inserts in the top or bottom of banners that allow rods to be inserted. They are popular for use in a variety of displays and installations, such as mounted against walls or on stands, on one-way streets, or as part of parades or marching bands.

To make a banner with pole pockets we start with the finished banner size and add a 2-inch or 3-inch pocket at the end of the welded seam (the area where the material was welded together). We then fold over the edges to create the pocket leaving room for the poles and then sew it.

We recommend that you do not place text or graphics within this ‘clearance zone’ as it can be difficult to read. If you do have text or graphics placed near the pole pocket it may be distorted during high winds. We also offer wind vents which are a series of slits in the banner to reduce the potentially damaging stress caused by high winds.


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