How To Crop a Video On iPhone Mobile 2022

How To Crop a Video On iPhone Mobile
How To Crop a Video On iPhone Mobile

Crop videos are exciting things you can do with your iPhone without installing a separate app.The ability to crop videos is extremely important, and doing it on your smartphone is even more so. Whether you’re cropping a video on your iPhone to fit into TikTok or Instagram’s short video algorithm or sending it to another person, this article will show you how.It is either trimming the edges of the screen in order to make the video appear smaller or shortening the video by shortening its length.

The Built-In Photo App for Cropping the Video – Length

These instructions are for you if your video is just too long or if you want to remove some parts that you would rather not share!

The Photo App, which is built into the phone itself, doesn’t require an Internet connection to be used. You can start by choosing the video you want to crop from the ‘Photos application.Once you have selected a clip, the app will automatically launch, and you will then have to select the area of the frame you would like to crop. The Crop App Crop App When you are finished selecting the area you want to crop, tap on the crop icon at the top right corner of the screen, and the app will automatically crop the video. It’s that easy! To save your cropped video, tap on the ‘Save to Camera Roll’ icon.

To view your saved clip in your Photos app, tap on the photo icon, and you will be taken to the app, where you can tap on the saved clip to play it back. If you want to delete the saved clip from your phone, go to the Photos app, tap on the photo icon, and swipe left until you find the video. Tap on it once to select and then press the delete icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also save a cropped version of the video in your Photo Library.

Making the Video Fit on The Screen – Cropping

You can crop or straighten the video frame on iOS’ newer versions if the video length is perfect, but you want to straighten the frame.Following these steps will allow you to crop the screen size of your video:

Tap on the video you want to fix in the Photos App using the same steps above. Next, tap ‘Edit’ at the top right of the screen.A pop-up will appear asking if you want to ‘fix’ your photo. Tap ‘Yes.’ Photos will start fixing the photo. As it does this, you’ll see a progress bar fill up. It’s going to take some time for Photos to finish repairing the photo. Once it’s finished, you’ll see its repair results in the screen’s bottom right corner. Tap the thumbnail of the repaired image to open it in the Photos app. That’s it! You’ve just repaired a photo in Photos with a tap.

Photos can also fix photos that were deleted and can restore photos that were accidentally deleted from your device. To fix a photo that was deleted from your device: Open the Photos app. Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen. Select ‘Restore’. Tap ‘OK’. You can now restore any photos you want from your backups. If you have multiple backups, you can choose which one to use to restore the photo.

The Old Method of Cropping the Frame

The cropping of your video will require a third-party application if you are running an older version of iOS. The App Store is filled with a wide variety of applications, but we use this one.

Open up the app and allow it access to your Photos to start editing your videos (assuming you’ve already downloaded them). Even though it only says ‘Photos,’ videos are also included. You can now select a photo album and edit it into a video, adding captions and music. The app is free to download, with no in-app purchases, and offers unlimited video edits. It’s easy to see why it’s become one of the most popular apps on iOS. Video: iPhone 6s vs. Samsung Galaxy S III iPhone 6s vs. Samsung Galaxy S III Now you may be thinking, “I want to make some videos,” but do you have the right equipment? If not, you’ll need a few things.


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