How to Respect a Man in a Relationship

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Men in relationships want to feel respected. If they don’t, it can quickly turn their relationship sour.

A respectful woman focuses on listening to her man, valuing his views and opinions and respecting his decisions. She doesn’t criticize him and doesn’t put him down, especially in front of children.

  1. Listen to him

Men are most likely to feel emasculated by their partners when they don’t get one of the most important things they want in a relationship – respect. Men will not put in the effort to have a deep connection with you if they feel like they are being disrespected by their partner.

Let him know that you respect and admire him – especially when he shares his ideas with you. Support him in his endeavours and help him make them a reality. This is an easy way to show that you value him and are proud of him.

How you respond to him being flirted with by other people can also determine whether or not you respect him. If you react by putting him down and making him feel embarrassed, it is not showing him respect. In contrast, if you don’t judge his decisions or make him feel silly for doing them, that is. It is respecting him to allow him to be himself and enjoy life.

  1. Give him space

Men need space and they want to feel respected. When they don’t get that, they tend to suffocate the relationship and push back. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to respect his needs and quickly quell any resentment that might be bubbling to the surface.

Giving him space means letting him hang out with his friends, pursue his hobbies and have a life of his own outside of you. It also means not pestering him to come to dinner, go on dates and other stuff that he has no interest in doing.

It’s also about expressing your love for him, sharing the positive things that are going on in your life and not just talking about the bad ones. That might seem like a small thing but it’s one of the most important ways to show your man respect. It makes him happy and he will reward you by being a better partner for you.

  1. Don’t criticize him

Many men desire respect from their partners as a way of feeling valued. Moreover, they want to be respected for their achievements, career aspirations and individual choices. They also want to be regarded as caregivers and providers in society.

When a man feels that his partner does not respect him, he will often feel disrespected and emasculated. This can be devastating for the relationship. For this reason, it is important to respect a man in a healthy way.

Criticism is one of the most common reasons people feel unhappy in their relationships. However, it is important to distinguish between criticism that will have a positive impact on the relationship and that which could harm it. For example, if you repeatedly criticize your husband but have no specific changes that you want to make, this is likely to be counterproductive. It may also cause you to feel resentment toward him. Instead, try to focus on his positive traits and compliment him frequently.

  1. Don’t be jealous

Men often appreciate respect from their partners as a sign of equality and trust. They may also want to be recognized for their accomplishments and career aspirations, as well as societal contributions.

When you show him respect, you’re not jealous of him or comparing him to other men. You’re not gossiping about him or his friends. You’re not telling other women about him or making fun of him in public. Instead, you’re affirming his uniqueness and value to your relationship.

When you respect your man, he will feel like oxygen. He will be able to love you more and make you his priority. But, remember to respect yourself as well. If you’re struggling with a deep-rooted insecurity, seek out professional help. It’s the only way to find lasting relief from jealousy and other toxic emotions. Click here to learn more.How to respect a man in a relationship


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