Looking For a Nursery Near Lafayette, Texas


If you are looking for a Nursery Lafayette, Louisiana Texas, there are many to choose from. Marjorie’s Nursery and the LaFayette Forest Nursery are two of the options. You can also check out Orchard Nursery, Wea Ones Preschool and Nursery, and the LaFayette Nursery School.

Marjorie’s Nursery

Marjorie’s Nursery is a child care provider in Lafayette, Louisiana that is not just about yoins. Marjorie’s specializes in the child-friendly and -friendly and has a well-rounded staff that is a plethora of jack-of-all-trades. This family-friendly facility is home to over 60 children ages 0 to 6. In addition to daycare, Marjorie’s also offers a variety of services such as home daycare, after school programs and summer camps. The center is also located on a two-acre campus tucked away on the outskirts of town. It is an impressive and well-appointed facility, and it is no wonder that it was a finalist in the Best Daycare category in the Lafayette Parish competition in 2017. Aside from its award winning facilities, the center also provides a wide variety of enrichment programs, as well as a host of after school activities.

Orchard Nursery

Orchard Nursery is a family owned and operated garden center located on the western edge of Lafayette. It opened in 2004 by Mark and Lisa Orchard and is currently run by the Orchard’s daughter, Kristina. The nursery specializes in growing plants and flowers, including California natives, succulents and succulent plants, as well as a variety of other gardening accessories.

In addition to the usual plant offerings, the nursery features an excellent selection of garden art, including a lovely collection of pots. A newer feature is a modern cabana designed for backyard relaxation. Other attractions include an art studio and meditation room.

The nursery also hosts several community events, including a monthly Harvest Festival and the annual Christmas show. In the summer, the store offers live music, food vendors and children’s storytellers.

Lafayette Forest Nursery

In addition to a full selection of trees, shrubs and perennials, Lafayette Forest Nursery offers a wide range of landscaping services. Their full-service landscape division includes design, installation, and maintenance. Customers can also purchase vegetable plants, mulch, and plant food at the nursery.

Located in the heart of Fulton, the nursery is a one-stop shop for all your landscape needs. With a wide selection of native, non-native, and lesser-known tree species, the nursery can help you create a beautiful landscape. Whether you are looking to renovate your yard, or want to add a few privacy or flowering plants, the nursery is ready to assist you.

The staff at Lafayette Forest Nursery can give you expert advice. They are able to identify which tree or plant species are likely to grow best in your area. They are able to tell you when a tree is injured, or if a certain species is endangered.

Wea Ones Preschool/Nursery

Wea Ones Preschool/Nursery offers a wide range of child care options for your pre-school aged children. You can get a full day of child care or drop off your kids at your beck and call. Aside from the obvious preschool programs, the school also offers daycare for your little ones a few days a week.

The best part is that you can leave your kids in the hands of the professionals without having to leave the comfort of your own home. There are a total of twenty plus employees on hand to take care of your little ones. If you are in the market for quality childcare in the Lafayette, Indiana area, give Wea Ones Preschool a call.

LaFayette Nursery School

LaFayette Nursery School is a unique preschool that provides good old fashioned playtime with a twist. This school has been around for over 25 years and is not your typical pre-school. They have a lot to offer kids, including cooking, crafts, and nature walks. The parents also get involved in the educational process and form a bond with each other and their children.

A good school should provide a balance between learning time and supervised playtime. LaFayette Nursery School does this, and more, by offering a co-op setting. Classes are run by a group of parents and teachers, and each child has a co-oping parent to help guide them.

LaFayette Nursery School is based on a parent-participation model, so children are encouraged to interact with the adults in the classroom. There is also a community-focused environment that is welcoming to all people.


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