Norcold Cooling Units


norcold refrigerator Cooling Units are a hallmark of performance and reliability in the RV, marine, and truck market. When they fail, they need to be replaced.

Norcold cooling units are remanufactured to the highest standards by experienced professionals. Superior materials, workmanship, packaging and service are part of each remanufactured Norcold cooling unit.

Evaporator Foam Pack

The Evaporator Foam Pack encases the evaporator tubes in the refrigeration system. This prevents air infiltration into the evaporator and the resulting moisture that can ruin the insulation on the evaporator coils.

Rebuilders use a special mold to inject the new foam into the cooling unit. After the mold is removed, the block of foam is trimmed and cleaned.

This is another step that delineates quality rebuilders from others. The evaporator tubes are galvanized, so that they will be less prone to corrosion.

The evaporator is then sprayed with an aerosol cleaner that will liquefy dirt, grease and oil on the evaporator coils. This aerosol is a no-rinse cleaner and is safe for use on metals. It is also fortified with corrosion inhibitors that help to protect the coils and prolong their life. This is the most convenient and safest way to keep evaporator coils clean. It is ideal for a variety of applications including apartment buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, recreation clubs and more.

Evaporator Sealing Tape

A good quality evaporator sealing tape will help to seal the joint between the evaporator foam pack and refrigerator cabinet, keeping moisture out. This should be done prior to setting the evaporator into the refrigerator.

The best evaporator sealing tapes are made from an insulating material, such as aluminum. These cling to the surface to create an airtight seal that is strong enough to hold up to moisture, UV rays, flames, and even chemicals.

Some are transparent, while others have a clever design that shrinks around curves and gaps to create a durable seal that won’t fall off. These are a great choice for those looking to save money on their energy bill. They’re also available in a variety of sizes and lengths, so you can find one that fits your budget.


The Thermo-Mastic is a smooth, pumpable heat transfer compound that promotes the thermal connection between an evaporator coil and the freezer plate and fins of a refrigerator. This is particularly important in domestic refrigeration and ice makers with “heat release” thermostats.

To get the mastic to work, the evaporator coils should be positioned snugly against the freezer plate and fins of the refrigerator. The mastic will then spread to fill in any gaps and increase the contact between the evaporator coil and the freezer plate or fins.

The mastic is a common component of the foam insulation that is disposed between the refrigeration tubing and metal walls of a refrigeration system. The thermal mastic helps the foam insulation make contact with the refrigeration tube and also provides a seal between the insulation and the tubing.

Low-Expansion Spray Foam

Spray foam can be used for a wide range of projects, including filling and sealing small wall cavities. It can also be used to seal gaps around windows and doors to prevent air intrusion and improve energy efficiency.

It is also useful for filling hollow spaces in plastic coolers to add thermal insulation. To do this, drill a hole on the inside of the cooler’s lid and then fill that hole with expanding foam.

This method is a great way to add insulation, stop drafts and keep temperatures comfortable. However, it can be a messy job. Be sure to wear protective gear, and keep the can off the floor or off a table to avoid dribbles.

In addition to its usefulness for insulating and sealing, foam can also be used outdoors to fix concrete and pavement issues. One company, Demilec, uses polyurethane foam to lift cracks and uneven surfaces in driveways, sidewalks, patios and garage floors.


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