Norcold Refrigerator Parts


RVers love Norcold fridges for their durability and energy-efficiency. But, like any appliance, they can break down sometimes. Luckily, repairs and troubleshooting are pretty straightforward.

From small portable 12V compressor fridges to large four-door gas absorption units, Norcold has refrigerators for all lifestyles. Their Polar Series refrigerators are residential-style and are often found in motorhomes and RVs.

With a Norcold refrigerator in your RV, you can bring along your favorite foods and drinks to enjoy while camping. This American-made fridge helps keep your food cold until you’re ready to eat.

A Norcold propane refrigerator uses tanks, liquid, and a burner to create a cooling system. This is a fairly simple combination of equipment, so it tends to run more smoothly than a traditional electric fridge with its motor, compressor, and fan.

Norcold has a line-up of compact RV fridges that operate off of 12 or 24-volt DC or 120-volt AC power. Its N2000 series has a sleek design that fits narrower areas and features auto-switching for optimal off-grid energy savings. The company also makes large two- or four-door gas absorption fridges as well as the Polar Series of residential-style 12V DC compressor fridges.

RV refrigerators by Norcold come in a variety of sizes to fit your space and budget. The company’s Polar Series fridges feature residential-style 12V DC compressor refrigeration and are available in 8, 10, 15, or 19 cu ft capacities.

If you’re looking for something smaller, Norcold offers a line of compact refrigerators that run off of propane gas or 12-volt DC power with auto-switching. These fridges use Danfoss BD micro-compressors to provide energy efficiency.

Norcold has been producing refrigerators for RVs since 1959. Sound business decisions and innovation have allowed the company to weather economic downturns and remain a major player in the RV industry. The company is now based in Sidney, Ohio.
Ice Maker

An ice maker is a great feature for anyone who entertains. It frees you from lugging bags of ice home or waiting desperately for blocks to firm up in the freezer.

The icemaker uses a process called adiabatic cooling to transform water into ice. It works the same way that a can of soda cools quickly when you open it. The high-pressure vapor refrigerant drops its temperature rapidly by absorbing the heat from air or water and expanding.

When you activate the icemaker, a switch lets electrical current flow through a heating coil. This warms the ice mold, loosening the ice cubes to let them fall out and into the collection bin.

You can choose from several types of ice cubes, including clear ice to help preserve flavor. Some have different shapes that affect the speed at which they melt and cool your drinks. You can also select from a variety of sizes.
Control Panel

Unlike the bulky and unwieldy ice chests that sling drops of water all over your food and clump ice together, Norcold refrigerators keep your cold drinks and fresh foods in perfect condition for the duration of your trip. Whether you are traveling with the family or friends, Norcold refrigerators are compact, quiet and offer plenty of storage space to accommodate your needs. And if your Norcold refrigerator ever starts to play up, you can always rely on Sears PartsDirect to have the parts you need.

You can use either the Category or Classic view of Control Panel to find and manage your settings. In the Category view, you can sort applets by letter (for example, Keyboard), and in the Classic view, you can select a particular setting by typing its name into the search box.norcold refrigerator parts


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