Shopping For a Moonstone Ring

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Named for its lunar glow, moonstone enhances intuition and self-acceptance. In folklore, magicians schedule potion mixing during the full moon, while lovers traded moonstone pieces to heal insomnia and reunite couples.

Aside from its mood-stabilizing qualities, the gemstone is known for bringing luck and protection. Despite its beauty, moonstone is softer than diamond and should be treated with care.


Moonstone is prized for its mystical, moonlight-like sheen. The most valuable kind has a blue-to-silver sheen and perfect transparency. However, even near-opaque material with a pleasing body color and adularescence can command modest prices.

Its transparent beauty and blue-to-white sheen makes moonstone easy to recognize, but its variety in other qualities helps to make it a popular gemstone. For instance, some rare varieties exhibit chatoyancy, a cat’s eye effect that causes light to reflect off the stone in straight lines when viewed from a perpendicular direction. Others display a rainbow sheen when viewed from certain angles, and still others have a peach or orange glow.

Because moonstone is not as durable as diamond (which is a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness), you’ll want to choose a setting that will protect it. Avoid a prong setting that might scratch the stone or a bezel setting, as these settings may not offer the protection you need. Instead, opt for a secure four-prong or bezel setting, as these will protect the moonstone better than other types of settings.

While a ring is the best way to wear moonstone, you can also hang it from a chain as a pendant. Regardless of which way you choose to wear it, make sure that the gem is protected from harsh chemicals and detergents. It’s a good idea to remove your moonstone ring when using household cleaners and other chemicals, and to keep it safe at home from hard work or recreational activities that could damage it.


When shopping for a moonstone ring, make sure the sizing will work for you. Since moonstone rings are softer than most other gems, resizing can damage the stone or cause it to loosen in its setting. Some online retailers offer a sizing service that allows you to try on different sizes without risking the integrity of your ring.

While most moonstone rings are shaped into a cabochon, some designers use this versatile gemstone to create faceted designs. A faceted moonstone ring is more like a diamond than a typical gemstone ring. You can find these incredibly beautiful styles online and in stores.

A moonstone is a natural crystal that is associated with the moon. It is believed to enhance intuition and promote new beginnings. People also hold onto this gem as a symbol of love because it is thought to be an all-encompassing crystal that can heal broken hearts and reconcile loved ones.

When buying a moonstone ring, look for the color and clarity you want. Avoid purchasing a fake or synthetic version of this gemstone because it may have harmful chemicals in it. Choose a retailer that provides clear images of the actual gemstone to ensure you’re getting what you paid for. Also, consider looking for a retailer that offers a return policy for artisan or vintage items.


Moonstones come in many different colors and shades. A moonstone that is transparent with a blue sheen is the most desirable but there are many beautiful color options available too including yellow, green, pink and peach. Choose a moonstone color that is right for you and your personal style.

It is important to remember that Moonstones are very delicate stones. They rate a 6 on the Mohs hardness scale and are much softer than a diamond. For this reason, it is a good idea to choose a ring setting that will protect the stone from scratches and other damage. Look for a secure bezel or four-prong setting that will keep the stone safe and protected.

Since ancient times, moonstone has been cherished by spiritualists and mystics for its mystical properties. They believe it can help them to focus their energies and encourage emotional and spiritual growth. It is also said to be a powerful ally when it comes to healing the heart.

In the Art Nouveau period, moonstone was a popular choice for jewelry and the 60’s hippie culture loved its otherworldly beauty too. It was believed to bring love, luck and happiness. It is also a very protective stone and can calm the wearer. It is also used for divination and as a guide during meditation. Some people believe that by whispering a wish to the moonstone, it will be fulfilled.


As moonstone is quite soft, you want to find a ring setting that will give it added protection. This will help prevent scratching, which can happen if it comes into contact with other jewelry or sharp objects. Moonstone rates a 6 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which is lower than many other popular gemstones used in fine jewelry, such as diamonds, sapphires, and rubies.

Moonstone can be found in a variety of colors, but the blue sheen is what really draws attention. This iridescence is caused by layers of feldspar minerals in the stone. Light scatters and bends through these layers, creating the magical glow of moonstone.

A cabochon is a smooth dome cut that accentuates the sheen of a moonstone. This style of cutting also hides inclusions well. Rare asterism—a phenomenon that creates four-legged stars in the stone—is another way to identify moonstone and can increase the value of a piece.

Moonstone is thought to harvest the moon’s energy, a yin form of energy that cultivates compassion and empathy. The stone is also believed to enhance intuition and provide insight and clarity on emotional issues. Throughout history, people have associated moonstone with love, fertility, and protection. Lovers trade moonstones to strengthen their bond and to help heal after quarrels. In addition, moonstones are known to help people overcome fears and phobias by calming the mind.


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