Spider-Man Miles Morales Costume Unlocks


There are multiple suits for Miles Morales that players can unlock. Some are locked behind completing a specific activity while others require Activity Tokens or Tech Parts to access.

This is the suit that starts you off in the game. It resembles the traditional red and blue suit Miles wears, except it has ingrained webbing and a spider logo on the back of the suit.
The Classic Suit

The first suit you’ll unlock is Miles Morales’ primary costume. It’s a simple black and red outfit, which features his trademark spider insignia on the chest. It also comes with a visor that lets him make comic book-style fight noises when attacking enemies.

This suit can be crafted a few missions into the Main Story by visiting Aaron Davis sound samples around Manhattan. It also unlocks a damaged version that features several tears throughout the suit. This version comes with the Zap Slap suit mod, which creates a concussive force when Underground weapons are destroyed.
The Spider-Verse Suit

A suit inspired by the suit Miles wears in Into The Spider-Verse, this suit adds some of the movie’s visual flair to Insomniac’s game. While it doesn’t have any suit powers, a new frame rate and visor mod allow players to experience the film in its unique style, with even attack animations featuring comic-style sound effects.

After completing the optional Carnage Symbiote Nests in the main story, players will unlock this suit. The bulky suit looks like a cross between Knull’s wide-reaching red spiral and Miles’ own sticky-looking spider symbol.
The Prowler Suit

The Prowler Suit is a bulky new suit that Miles can get by completing the Family Business side quest in the game. The Prowler’s costume has an action-figure vibe and is a nod to the comics’ stompy thief.

It also includes a utility belt and claws on the fingers, reminiscent of Aaron Davis’ original design for the Prowler in Across the Spider-Verse. This simple suit is a good option for a beginner looking to step up from the Sportswear or the Beginner suits.

Comic book artist Kristafer Anka recently shared some fascinating rejected designs of the Prowler’s Earth-42 suit on Twitter. One design portrayed a hooded Miles Morales with spray-painted symbols and menacing spiked claws.

Unlockable from completing the Roxxon Lab and Underground Hideout challenges in New Game+, this suit is a variant of Miles’ classic costume. Wearing it will unlock a special takedown that’ll stun and deactivate nearby enemies, making it perfect for fighting hordes of thugs in Brooklyn.

This is one of the more niche suits in the game, based on a variant cover for Miles Morales Vol. 1 #13. The suit moves at normal speed and has a few unique mods. One lets you heal with Venom at a much quicker rate, while the other lets you use Circus Missiles that reload and fire automatically.
The Crimson Suit

The latest update for Marvel’s Spider-Man added a few more suits to Miles Morales’ wardrobe. Insomniac Games has revealed two additional alternative outfits for the PlayStation 5 game, one of which is a white variation of the T.R.A.C.K suit that was previously shown off in the Daily Bugle.

This suit is partially inspired by its namesake, the supervillain Crimson Cowl aka Justine Hammer who first appeared in Thunderbolts #3 (June 1997). It features a hood and a red and black design that set it apart from Peter Parker. It also comes equipped with the visor mod Ghost Strike, which will reduce the noise made when performing Web-Strike takedowns in stealth.
The Skrull Suit

Long-time MCU villains, the shapeshifting Skrulls are the main antagonists of this year’s “Secret Invasion” event. While it may seem unlikely that any MCU hero would be a Skrull, the Skrulls like to embed themselves in high-ranking positions where they can use their powers.

A Skrull impersonating Jarvis, for instance, proved one of the most dangerous in the event. Having access to the Helicarrier gave that Skrull an edge against Earth’s mightiest heroes.

The same could go for any government figure. If a Skrull took the place of, say, CIA director Everett Ross, they’d be able to get close to all the enhanced individuals on the planet.Spider-man Miles Morales Costume


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