Thailand Elite Agent


Elite visa agent is a professional service that helps foreigners obtain long-term visas for Thailand. The process involves conducting due diligence and a criminal background check. Once an applicant passes these checks, they will be sent an approval letter and instructions for remitting the membership fee.

The program includes airport services, which means that a member will be picked up inside the gate and escorted to immigration. It also covers 90-day reporting and bank account openings.

Easy Access

The Thailand elite agent visa is a passport-based residency program that allows citizens from around the world to live worry-free in Thailand long term. The program offers a variety of packages, with memberships lasting from 5 years to 20 years. It does not require proof of income or money held in a Thai bank account, and there are no age restrictions.

Membership in the Thailand Elite program includes access to a concierge service that can help you with various administrative procedures. The agent will prefill your application and liaise with immigration on your behalf. They will also help you obtain a driving license and open a bank account.

In addition, the Elite Easy Access package includes airport services that allow you to skip the lines at immigration upon arrival. You will be greeted as soon as you leave the plane by a hostess and will be given priority access to the immigration fast-track lane. This can reduce your wait time by up to 90%.

Elite Alternative

Elite Alternative offers a long-term visa for couples and families who want to live in Thailand. It eliminates the hassle of visa runs, annual renewals and other administrative processes. It also offers a wide range of privileges and services. There are several membership packages to choose from, each tailored to fit different needs.

Members do not need to prove income, hold a bank account or attend an educational institution. Additionally, there is no age limit. The visa is multi-entry and renewable for five years. Members also receive exclusive airport service. This includes being welcomed as soon as they land by a hostess, priority queue at immigration, and access to VIP lounges.

A qualified agent will prefill the application form and liaise with Immigration on behalf of the member. They will also assist with obtaining official documents and handling any 90-day notifications or other administrative requirements. A good agent will make this process as stress-free as possible for their clients.

Elite Luxury

Originally called Thailand Privilege Visa Programmes, this membership program offers foreigners the opportunity to enjoy an exquisite way of life in the Kingdom. With a wide range of packages, the program can grant you and your family up to 20 years of privileged entry.

Interested individuals can apply online or through an accredited agent. After passing a thorough background check, they will receive a letter of approval and membership fee details. The process typically takes 6-9 weeks.

The program is designed for affluent individuals who want to enjoy all that Thailand has to offer. It includes a variety of benefits, including elite personal assistants and 24-hour member contact center. Members can also get discounts at top department stores and duty-free shops, as well as premium hotels, spas, and restaurants. The program is also flexible, allowing members to stay in Thailand for a few days or months to unlimited times within the duration of their chosen package.

Elite Lifestyle

Elite Lifestyle is a concierge service that offers a variety of services to facilitate members’ stay in Thailand. Its perks include access to exclusive privileges at partner establishments and priority assistance when completing visa-related tasks. Members can also take advantage of discounts on flights and hotels, as well as on luxury shopping malls, golf clubs, spas, restaurants, and other destinations.

The service also includes assisting members with immigration matters and business networking connections. It helps them avoid language barriers when dealing with Thai government agencies and allows them to open foreign-currency bank accounts, acquire a driver’s license, and more.

Once approved, applicants will receive a letter of approval and instructions on how to pay the membership fee. Once payment is received, the agent will send a welcome letter and membership ID number to the member. Upon arrival in Thailand, the member can choose to have their visa affixed at Suvarnabhumi, Phuket, or Chiang Mai International Airports. The visa is valid for 5 to 20 years, depending on the package chosen.


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