The Best Japanese Toilet of All the Time


It has always seemed to me that all toilets are pretty much the same. That is until I moved to Japan. In Japan, I found hi-tech toilets that were completely different from what I was used to. Japanese toilets are not only cleaner and more comfortable, but they also offer many features to make your life easier.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Japanese toilets available for purchase. It’s something you’ll wish you had sooner if you have the chance to use best japanese toilet these toilets. Japanese toilets that provide excellent value for their price include the following:

What Makes Japanese Toilets Special?

The Rugby World Cup was held in Japan in 2019, and the Olympic Games will be held there in 2020. The Japanese Times speculated that over 40 million tourists visited Japan alone in 2019 – the highest number of tourists in the past two years.

Did you know that Japan has started a revolution in luxurious toilets that has caused hundreds of thousands of tourists to flock to Asia in order to enjoy these facilities?

Some toilets have features like a butt dryer after using the bidet, self-cleaning functions, and even motion sensors that raise seats when you enter the bathroom, which is “standard” toilet features. Some eco-friendly toilet models use only a fraction of standard toilets’ water.

The Best Japanese Toilet of All the Time

  1. The Toto S350E Washlet – The Friendly Toilet

Smart toilets that are truly luxurious. Its simplicity, along with its functionality, makes the Toto S350E Washlet highly praised. A detachable remote makes this toilet look like it’s from the year 2050, as well as a sensor that opens the toilet seat as you approach it.

To prevent the accumulation of pathogens and bacteria, this toilet also features an “auto-cleaning” function, so it cleans itself whenever the seat closes. The fact that this toilet has this feature alone makes it worth buying. Japan’s Toto toilets are among the best in the world. Toto toilets are known for their quality and performance. When having friends over, this toilet prevents any unexpected surprises in the bathroom.

This toilet is an excellent choice for anyone who is interested in a high-quality toilet at a reasonable price. Features This toilet is designed to clean itself when you close the toilet seat. The toilet also has a warm air function that warms up the entire bathroom after you finish using the toilet. It is a comfortable toilet that is ideal for use in a family home or small apartment.

  1. The Toto SW2034-01 Washlet – Most Inexpensive

Washlets, such as the Toto SW2034-01 Washlet, are more affordable options than the Toto Neorest yet still provide the features you need for an enjoyable trip to the bathroom.

With this washlet, you can enjoy a more enjoyable bathroom experience from the comfort of your own home without the need for endless toilet paper. Additionally, this toilet boasts that you can install it yourself without the help of a professional.

The Japanese setting displays will change your perspective on bathroom facilities once you get to know them. Heat-up time for the seat is around 10 seconds, making it an experience that will last a lifetime.

  1. Toshiba Warm Water Washing Toilet Seat

Many high-tech household items are produced by Toshiba, a leading Japanese technology brand. Therefore, you are in good hands when you purchase a Toshiba product. Installation is possible worldwide (although you need to ensure that your connectors and hoses are the right sizes in some cases).

Affordable and very high-quality, this toilet is highly recommended. Additionally, the seat can be heated in a few seconds to upgrade your toilet instantly.

Dual nozzles allow you to adjust the pressure for different washes according to your preference. A new feature can be enjoyed every time you use it due to its many settings!


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