Tunnel Freezers For Fast, Even and Efficient Freezing of Food and Beverage Products


Tunnel freezers freeze foods quickly to minimize damage, loss of flavor and texture and preserve nutrients that may be lost during a slower freezing process. They are used to freeze meat cuts, burgers, fish fillets, poultry products, fruits, vegetables and bakery items as well as ice cream and appetizers.

Depending on the product and application, tunnel freezers can be cooled using either liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Liquid nitrogen is a safer refrigerant because it does not inhibit microbial growth as carbon dioxide does.

Air Products offers a full range of high performance tunnel freezers for the quick and effective freezing of food and beverage products. These freezers can be used as stand-alone units or integrated into systems incorporating immersion freezers and other equipment from our CRYO-QUICK(tm) family of solutions for complete IQF processing.

A basic tunnel freezer uses a continuous conveyor belt to move the product through the freezer. A cryogen injected into the tunnel contacts individual pieces of food product for optimum cooling and freezing performance. Adjustable curtains at the conveyor entrance and exit prevent warm room air from entering the freezer to save energy and ensure uniform freezing.

This type of freezer is popular because it provides fast, even and reliable freezing that is cost-effective for a variety of frozen foods. They also have low energy usage and can be easily connected to a storage dewar for the supply of cryogenic gas for optimal efficiency.

The earliest tunnel freezers were designed by Clarence Birdseye and are still in use today, providing a reliable means of rapidly freezing fresh food. They work by conveying the product on a belt through a tunnel of cold air, which is then sprayed with liquid nitrogen to freeze it quickly and efficiently.

In recent years, manufacturers have developed a number of improvements to tunnel freezer technology. For example, a spray-based system known as the “impingement” freezer combines the advantages of both tunnel and spiral-belt systems by atomizing liquid nitrogen on top of the product as it moves through the freezer. This creates a more uniform freezing pattern than conventional tunnel freezers, while minimizing the formation of ice crystals and other undesirable effects.

Another new development is the modular Compact tunnel freezer. This innovative machine reduces the initial investment of a traditional mechanical freezer and is easier to deliver, install and get up and running. The modular design allows for easy expansion as production rates grow.

IQF tunnel freezers can be connected to an existing refrigeration system or provided with a dedicated cryogenic air compressor. Our experts can assist in designing and installing a system that meets your specific needs, while keeping your costs down and ensuring the utmost level of safety.

Whether you need an IQF tunnel freezer for frozen pizza, burgers or fish fillets, a system from Demaco can help you achieve the ideal results. We are experienced in connecting all types of tunnel freezers to a cryogenic infrastructure and can help you select the right system for your business needs. Contact us today to learn more about our versatile and high-performing solutions.


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