Zaza Red 24Ct Extra Strength Capsules


Zaza Red 24Ct Extra Strength Capsules are a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. They also have a special blend of nootropics that help you focus and concentrate without the crash from caffeine.

Giles County law enforcement agencies are on the hunt for a man who has brazenly broken into smoke shops to steal Tianeptine pills. The stimulant is sometimes called “gas station heroin” and has been linked to a spike in calls to poison centers.

Product Description

Zaza Red is a proprietary kratom capsule unlike any on the domestic market. It contains a unique blend of kratom powder as well as Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and Tianeptine, an unapproved prescription drug known to have psychoactive properties in high doses. The company’s website is cryptic about the specifics of this product and its ingredients, but many reviewers have expressed doubts that the combination of these drugs is safe. Furthermore, the capsules are packaged in cheap tinted bottles with easy-to-open lids that are not child-proof or idiot-proof. This makes the product even more dangerous and risky. It may also contain phenibut, another substance with psychoactive effects.


Zaza Red Extra Strength pills or liquid shots contain higher doses of tianeptine than other types. This makes the effects stronger, but also wears off more quickly.

The formula for Zaza Red has changed over time. Retailers have reported that it used to contain kratom powder and Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), which is a mystery compound associated with Phenibut, a dangerous substance that can be life-threatening when combined with other substances like alcohol.

Other retailers have reported that the product now contains a blend of nootropics in addition to tianeptine. These ingredients can include combretum quadrangular leaf, piper methystricum, and other botanicals that work together to provide energy and focus. In addition, these ingredients may help reduce stress and anxiety. It is important to note that the FDA does not regulate kratom and that most sellers import the product from overseas, so the contents of each batch can vary. This is especially true for kratom that is sold in headshops.


Tianeptine pills sold at gas stations and online under various names, including Zaza Red and Tianaa, have earned the nickname “gas station heroin.” The pills contain tianeptine, which hits opioid receptors in the brain. When taken at high doses, it produces opioid-like recreational effects and can lead to addiction. In the US, tianeptine is illegal to sell or possess. It’s also illegal to use with other drugs like alcohol, which can potentiate the sedation and depression effects of the drug.

The tianeptine in the pills can cause addiction and withdrawal, and many users have reported a tolerance to it over time. To prevent this, users should stop using the product gradually.

The manufacturer of this product does not list all ingredients, and some batches have contained filler materials like baking soda and liquid vegetable fat. It is also not regulated by the FDA, so it’s difficult to know how much tianeptine is in each capsule.

Side Effects

Giles County law enforcement is hunting for a man who’s brazenly breaking into smoke shops and assaulting clerks. They say the suspect is after a stimulant called ZaZa Red that was recently banned in Alabama but still sold in Tennessee and many other states. It contains a drug called Tianeptine. It’s marketed as an energy product and dietary supplement but hasn’t been approved by the FDA. Tianeptine binds to the same receptors as opioids like heroin and creates similar withdrawal symptoms. A paper in the medical journal Clinical Toxicology described 48 cases of overdoses and addiction in patients who took tianeptine.

Some users NewsNation spoke to reported spending $2,000 a month on the pills and even sacrificing food for their families in order to buy more. They said quitting the pills was extremely painful and resulted in opioid-like withdrawals. They also complained about the long wait times to get an emergency room appointment for treatment.


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